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Cloud Services

Accessing your company’s data from multiple devices has never been easier, thanks to Zinger Computing’s cloud integration strategies. We offer accessibility and speed, without sacrificing the security and safety of your growing data storage and collaboration needs. Increase your business’ scalability, increase collaboration opportunities among remote teams and discover new possibilities with Zinger Computing’s Cloud Strategy Design Implementation. Contact Zinger Computing today for a consultation and to learn how we can bring your business up to speed when it comes to cloud computing.
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Office 365

The cloud compute strategy of many companies will include Office 365, due to the turnkey nature of the system. It offers tons of flexibility, real-time collaboration from anywhere and at any time, Single Sign-On (SSO), and synchronization of email, calendars and more across all your devices. But what happens when Office 365 doesn’t “play well” with other applications, or your own company’s in-house apps? That’s where Zinger Computing’s certified engineers come into play. Office 365 can drive your company’s ROI, success and productivity – right up until the point where it can’t. Zinger Computing offers problem-solving and results-based solutions to technology companies as they work to streamline their cloud computing efforts. Our team of experts is able to analyze and spot problems before they turn into a catastrophe for your business. We’re here to help your dedicated systems work with Office 365, instead of having them work against your productivity.

Microsoft Azure

Microsoft’s Azure is another cloud-based Infrastructure as a Service (IaaS) that Zinger Computing’s consultants may recommend for your business needs. It provides rapid global deployment and scalability that allows your technology-based business to grow faster than it would under its own infrastructure. Azure can provide a great end-user experience for all employees and clients, whether they’re located in London, New York, Seattle or Edmonton (or all four). Your own in-house software development becomes an even more collaborative effort with Azure, thanks to Visual Studio. Thanks to its fully integrated delivery pipeline, Zinger Computing consultants can aid you with automation, migration and orchestration of Azure within your own business systems. Azure also provides the benefit of many of the same features as Office 365, making it a great companion platform for many businesses. To learn whether Azure cloud implementation is the right solution for your business – and how to best deploy it within your own systems – contact Zinger Computing today.

Amazon Web Services

While Office 365 has spectacular collaboration tools and Azure provides rapid global deployment, Amazon Web Services (AWS) remains a preferred data storage option for many companies. Streamlining your internal systems to migrate between these different platforms becomes increasingly challenging, especially when your in-house IT team is focused on more business-essential tasks. Zinger Computing is here to help you strategize and implement cloud computing services that were not built with their competitors’ offerings in mind. Our years of experience in cloud-based computing can be utilized to your company’s advantage, regardless of which cloud computing services used to carry out business-essential tasks. While AWS provides good options for companies that require large amounts of data storage, that comes with certain security limitations, such as EC-2 and EC2-VCP. Zinger Computing can plan and implement the best strategy for you to deploy the varying cloud solutions you need.


Cross-platform issues are a problem you will most likely encounter as your company’s migration to the cloud accelerates. Zinger Computing’s Backup as a Service (BaaS) is designed with those issues in mind. As your online backup data provider, our cloud strategy design implementation takes the strengths and weaknesses of every system into account. Deduplication, continuous data protection and guaranteed backups are only small pieces of the puzzle when you partner with Zinger Computing for Backup as a Service. We focus on encryption, access control lists and role-based authentication to fit your needs, all within a custom implementation package that only grows when you are ready to expand. Our BaaS offerings will change the way you do business, in addition to ensuring business continuity for years to come. Zinger Computing partners enjoy peace of mind that their data is stored, stored correctly, and ready to backup and restore all systems and data when the time comes.