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Data Center Services

On-premise or Hybrid cloud models, Zinger Computing is here to provide purpose-built Server & Data Center Solutions for your business.

Our Server & Data Center Services begin with a comprehensive assessment and capacity planning done in consultation with our experts. How much compute and storage do you need and how do you need to access it and how will it be kept safe? Are you a candidate for hyper-convergence? The Zinger Computing advantage provides the necessary skills and framework to combine data storage, computing and networking in one centralized location for your business. Our customized platforms allow you to achieve increased scalability while reducing the complexity of data center tasks from end to end. Contact Zinger Computing today to learn how our server & data center services can meet your needs.

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Virtualization services from Zinger Computing provide many advantages to your company. These include virtual desktop integration (VDI), a custom virtual datacenter, and virtual hosting of your network. But the Zinger Computing advantage goes even further in providing virtualization services. A centralized virtual operating system and virtual server storage presents a significant cost and energy savings for any company that requires hefty data services. Zinger Computing offers rapid server deployment and provisioning, with 24/7 technical support and high availability for data transfer. Your business continuity is assured with secure remote backup. Our load-balancing ensures that incoming network traffic is evenly distributed across backend servers, to avoid crashes and failures. Constant uptime is part of the Zinger Computing promise to our trusted partners. From consultation to deployment to virtual hosting, Zinger is ready to help you step into the virtualization future.


If the volume of data that your business generates and stores is growing, your data storage needs can be met by Zinger Computing’s enterprise solutions. Our data center storage services can provide direct benefits to your company. The benefits begin with a lowered cost; you don’t require as many on-site storage devices. Less bandwidth and storage are required on-site when Zinger Computing handles your data storage requirements. We eliminate the need for you to construct your own storage system. Zinger Computing provides data protection specialists who are up to date on best practices and are best equipped to run threat assessments and maintain security – all with 24/7 technical support. Virtual hosting of your data allows you to employ fewer IT personnel, by entrusting Zinger Computing to manage your data. Your data storage access can grow or shrink depending on the needs of your business, without having to make severe internal adjustments – thanks to our pricing tiers and customized plans.

Backup & Recovery

Backup and recovery services are essential for any computing-based business, and the service goes hand-in-hand with data storage. Zinger Computing offers multi-layered disaster recovery & backup services that are second to none. Remote backup of your company’s data will ensure business continuity. Unfortunately, it’s not a matter of “if” technology will fail, but “when.” When the inevitable system crash happens, Zinger Computing helps you restore your data, systems and business as if the unfortunate event never happened. This can provide tremendous peace of mind to you as a business owner, and it protects your reputation with your customers. In addition to added security, remote backup of your systems and data happens on your schedule. Zinger Computing delivers error-free data versioning, to ensure that your data is sequentially backed up and later restored to your specifications. With your backup and recovery services handled by Zinger Computing, your internal IT team can stay focused on the mission-critical tasks that define your company.